“I sat helplessly with a tube running into one arm and my other arm raised above my head signaling that I needed to use the restroom.”

Dialysis induces diarrhea, and for four minutes I waited like that – which is more than enough time to have an accident. But no one came over to help because the workers were helping other patients. I soiled myself and had to pull a blanket over my lap to hide the smell.

It was the worst experience I ever had. I had to sit there with the blanket on me for the next two hours of treatment. No grown up should have to go through that in front of other people.


It was very embarrassing. It was no secret what happened, as other patients were seated near me in the room.

I truly hope they get more workers at my clinic soon—it’s the only way I’ll have peace of mind, knowing that there’s enough staff to handle any emergencies while we get dialysis.

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